This past weekend I was fortunate to attend Rails Girls in SF, and help introduce Rails and the associated tech to around 40 women. After answering a number of common questions many times about the command line, I decided to take the opportunity to make some videos explaining some basic concepts.

Command Line Basics

If you’re just getting started this is going to be a great resource. I cover navigating directory structure with cd (change directory), listing files with ls, printing out the working directory path with pwd, and add some helpful observations and pitfalls you’ll likely to encounter. Enjoy!

Opening and Editing Text Files from the Command Line

This next video covers opening and editing files using the command line and a text editor. This is a critical skill when you start out programming.

After you’ve been programming for awhile it is easy to forget all of the skills needed even to get started. For many of us we use the command line without thinking, much like we don’t need to think to breathing. If you know someone that is just beginning, point them this way. Maybe after running through these videos they can get started on my Rails Course

Photos From Rails Girls

Me in my thinking Chair

Sheemus Throne

Rails Girls Giving a Big Friday Hug

Hug Friday!