I’m finally wrapping up my UT on Rails series. While people have been getting close to the end of the course, I’ve gotten the question “Now what?” plenty of times. Now that you’ve spent 40+ hours pouring over videos, exercises, and quizzes where do you go from here? To answer this question I made a short video. But first, the last exercise of the course:

Reddit on Rails: Part 3

This week we wrap up our Reddit on Rails exercise series by adding styling to our project, full text search, and some much needed integration tests. What are you waiting for go start on the exercise.

Where Do We Go Now

A programming course can’t make you a good programmer, watch this video to learn where to go from here. Don’t stop now, you’re so close to doing great things…

Additional Resources

Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @schneems and tumblr. Though the class might be over, I still talk about Ruby and Rails quite a bit. Thanks, and see you on the internets.